Marketing is a big, big word. And it encompasses a whole bunch of things but basically it's the process in which goods and services move from concept to the customer effectively . The size of your company and stage of development doesn't matter: everyone needs to use the power of marketing for success. And for all the entrepreneurs out there that think they are too small for a marketing consultant please read that line again.  Below is a breakdown of what this entails and how I can help!


  • Website: What is the purpose of your site? Is it to get someone to buy something from you? Is it to get someone to come to your restaurant? The format of your site needs to be effective in getting these intentions across. If people stop by and don’t stay for a minute it’s time we figure out why. Is your vital information at the forefront of your site?
  • Newsletters & Promotional Materials: You should make the most out of your communication to your guests. There are multiple ways to communicate to them both digitally and physically, but its important you understand how to effectively do this. 
  • Messaging:  Anything from what is written to describe a dish on a menu to how you word your signage matters.  You should be speaking your client’s language and visible in places where they lurk. Do you know who your "clients" are? 


  • Community Building: Social Media is the most organic way to build a loyal community outside the walls of your business.  Building means being engaging and developing relationships with that community. This community can be essential to establishing a long-lasting business and ensure that you aren't simply a trend. 
  • Keeping Your Community Interested: In order to keep your community interested it's essential that your posts be intentional and purposeful.  What is the picture actually saying? What time are you posting it? Why would people be interested? Is it written in your voice? 
  • Promotion: Social Media is also the quickest way to share news with your community, but it's important that you use this aspect wisely as too much promotion can turn people away.


  • Graphic Design*: Your logo, your look, your voice - should all reflect who you are and appeal to your target audience. Does it do so? It’s time you find out.
  • Consistency: Everything from your logo, uniforms, social media handles and your email format should be consistent. It's the best way to help customers identify you and remember who you are. 

* I'm not a graphic designer looking to design visually stunning things for you. But I can help you find that - if you need it. I'm more about keeping your brand consistent and effective.


  • How, When & Who: In order to effectively share your news about openings, specials, parties and more, it's essential that you have a strategy to get the word out to the most people, share it at the right time and state your message clearly. 


  • Conceptualize, Produce and Promote Doing new things at your business is a great way to keep your community engaged and get press talking about you. I can help make these things happen all based on what works for you business. 


  • Determine and Partner: Working with individuals or businesses that have influence over potential buyers helps make your community growth endless. I'll help determine who your key influencers are in your market and identify organic ways to work with them. i.e. photographers, vendors, DJs, artists and notable chefs.