When I meet someone I think is uber talented, I immediately start thinking of ways I can work with them more or how I can share them with others who may be looking. I think that's what lead me to what I do now - marketing. With this said, starting today I'm launching a series called #classicfriends where I'll feature a strongly endorsed talent whom I've worked with and I highly recommend. Enjoy and seriously, ya'll should work with these people!!

Since I've already used her pics on here a number of times, I'll start with Audrey Ma. Audrey is one of my favorite food photographers EVER. Her ability to bring her own style and creativity while still maintaining whatever brand look the business is aiming to achieve is priceless. I recommend her for pretty much any shoot! Check out a few food photos here or on her site (you may even see my little hands in some shots:) YAY Audrey!! I mean, could she make food look more delicious?!!