This is breaking the rules a bit cause she's a former client, but I can't help it because her services are truly a gift to anyone who hires her and that's what this blog is about - people who offer AMAZING services. 

SPACEbycarrie, run by Carrie Shaltz, is a combination of space styling, space organizing and "decorating" using YOUR things to make you love your space more. Carrie is an uber talented lady with a Master's degree in architecture as well as an incredibly creative mind with experience in set design, photography and mastering just about anything she sets her mind to achieve. The best part about her work is that her clients are psychologically happier in their spaces when she completes her services. But then again, it's their home and their things - just through the eyes and skills of an expert.

So, you want to see pictures, right? Really, you should check out her website for complete before and afters with explanations but here are a few-