MAST Brothers
Who: One of the pioneers of the craft chocolate companies, MAST Brothers decided to expand their brand from Brooklyn NY to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.
Client Ask: While they employed a design-focused PR company based in NYC, they wanted someone to help them with their LA launch who had connections to Press and the food community to help bring their brand to LA. They were about to open in new market only a few months after high-profile business "scandal" had been announced.
They asked for a PR strategy beginning with a LA Times exclusive and really wanted to steer the LA media away from the scandal.
Results: I helped guide them with their messaging on opening in LA and brought in an LA Times exclusive as well as other positive media including LA Weekly, Timeout, and LA Magazine.


View LA Times Article Here


Who: An Individual looking to start a business utilizing her design, architecture and product curation skills. 

Client Ask: She asked me to help her create a business where she could use all her skills and eventually grow her brand. 
Services: We identified her ideal clientele, set up a business model that would be accessible and affordable to her demographic and gave her a marketing, social media plan. Brand  
Results: SPACEbycarrie has become an incredibly popular and successful business. 

Smitten Ice Cream

Incredibly delicious SF based ice cream brand wants to grow in a local way and not be considered a chain.

-       Help them with brand awareness – who do is their target audience, helped advise them on way to speak to that audience (imagery, website, communications)

-       Connect them in the LA events market so they are in always with the leaders in the industry and their future audience learns about them through tasting and peers

-       Connect them to highly notable chefs to do collaborations




Brought in juice served here noticing the lack of healthy options, brought in a juice company that became the highest selling item on the menu

Juice Served Here

Pok Pok Restaurants

Pok Pok LA

Pok Pok Portland

Help make it known in the LA market that Pok Pok is here and accessible.

This super popular Portland restaurant with additional restaurants in NY decided to open in LA. They opened a 300 seat massive restaurant in Chinatown, an area that requires people to travel (not a highly popular street traffic neighborhood).

The chef opened using a ticketing system

The chef had no PR strategy

No marketing strategy

And No social media strategy

He opened and got not so good feedback about the ticketing and had a hard time filling seats.

He brought me on to

Pok Pok – New Market, saturated with Thai-food, no PR, Marketing, Social Strategy

Brought me in about 2 months after opening for a 1 month gig

Launched Social Strategy with goals to

-       Get the brand in the conversations of the target market – help let it be known that we’re open!

-       Show images that makes the food look the most delicious

-       Speak in a friendly welcoming tone