Let's get down to the brass tacks -  What exactly is "marketing?" To say it simply it's - HELPING YOUR BUSINESS REACH CUSTOMERS SO THEY BUY WHAT YOU SELL. Wanna skip to "great, who has she worked with?" Go here. If not, below is a more complete breakdown of ways I help. 


Branding is creating a cohesive personality for a company and it's products so customers have a true understanding of what they are getting. Proper branding should create a perceived value for consumers to make it stand out from other similar products. It's the logo, graphics, color, tone and style of communications (basically, the story you are creating). It's important that your business has the correct brand identify to be effective in your market. I can help either start from the beginning or gather the information needed to make sure your branding is as effective as possible. 

*Note - I am not a graphic designer, but I can help you find one. I'm more about making sure all of this is right for your mission. 


The way you communicate with your audience drastically effects if they buy or walk-away. People process information differently. It's important that you channel your messaging in various ways to reach every one you can. This includes the writing on your website, signage, menus, digital newsletter, promotional cards, social media....everything.


Rather than simply sending a press release to tell the media about you, I work with you to make sure your strategies are engaging for both the media and the general public. I can then help you share the message.


Building your online presence is essential to both maintaining your audience and growing your community. This requires an effective strategy that involves active engagement, intentional messaging and timely posts. 


Connecting to the people, businesses and influencers in your physical community helps you stay engaged in the most organic way possible.  I can help you do this through events, partnerships, branding opportunities and more.

Just so you're clear - I am not here to change your product - I'M HERE TO HELP YOU SELL IT. I work with clients at any stage of development - well known and established to single individuals looking to start a business. Give me some details about your business or ideas about a business you want to start and we'll go from there. I look forward to helping you!!